Free Event

Courtly Love

by Ade Andrews

Saturday 25 August 2018
2.30PM – 3.30PM
Members' Dining Room 1
Museum of Australian Democracy

Set in London in 2017, Courtly Love is an emotionally charged story of how a little boy named Rohan, became a beautiful girl named Hayley, and many years later was chosen by destiny to win the heart of a Prince.

Ade Andrews is a proud Jagera man of Brisbane who has resided in Canberra since 2010. He has a background working in both child protection and national security and is passionate about societal issues and the Canberra community. Synonymous with the life of a writer, he resides in a cabin in the woods and has a pet bonsai named Oscar. Ade always wanted to write a novel, and he felt that Courtly Love was a story the world needed to be told.