Free Event

Iron Lights

by Felicity Banks

Sunday 26 August 2018
2.45PM – 3.15PM
King's Hall
Museum of Australian Democracy

Emmeline Muchamore was respectable once. Her sweetheart, Matilda Newry, certainly put a stop to that. But when Emmeline gains magical insight into a disastrous future battle, she weaponises her wild reputation in order to draw trouble and death away from her adopted home, risking everything and everyone she loves in the process. Iron Lights is a steam-powered tale of honour, love, magic, adventure, and mechanical spiders.

Felicity Banks is a Canberra author specialising in fantasy and interactive fiction, including several Choose Your Own Adventure-style stories that take place in the same magical steampunk universe as Heart of Brass. She launched her debut novel Heart of Brass at the inaugural Canberra Writers’ Festival and is now the head writer and curator of the art-filled Murder in the Mail and Magic in the Mail stories.