A Shrink in The Clink

Tim Watson-Munro In Conversation with Alana Schetzer

Saturday 25 August 2018
11.00AM – 12 NOON
Conference Room
National Library of Australia

Get up close and way too personal with some of Australia’s craziest characters as criminal psychologist Tim Watson-Munro takes you into the dark minds of the mad, bad and dangerous. In this riveting book, Watson-Munro visits the underworld of evil geniuses, terrorists and nuns on the run. A Shrink in the Clink is an extraordinary journey into the shadows and a brilliant insight into the shifting realities of the criminal mind. In conversation with journalist Alana Schetzer.

Criminal psychologist 'Doc' Tim Watson-Munro rose to prominence as a pioneering psychologist at Parramatta Gaol. In the 1980-90s he gave expert evidence in the country's biggest court cases and appeared regularly in the media while chairing the Forensic College of the Australian Psychological Society. He is now a pioneer in the world’s understanding of modern evil and runs practices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Alana Schetzer is a journalist, writer and editor who places storytelling at the centre of her work. She is an experienced writer with skills across radio and television.  With 10 years experience as a journalist at Fairfax Media, Alana has reported on everything across crime, sport, business, lifestyle, health, politics, travel and more. Alana is a co-founder of Women in Media and is a trustee of the Media Safety and Solidarity Trust. She has been published in Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend, Huffington Post, Australian Financial Review, Peppermint, MamaMia, Essential Kids, Time Out Melbourne, M Magazine and many more.