Free Event

When We Vanish

by Yael Maree

Saturday 25 August 2018
1.15PM – 1.45PM
King's Hall
Museum of Australian Democracy

When Alexander Black is approached by a blue-haired goth called Sophie who tells him he is invisible, the realisation sends him reeling. Left without any memories of a life lived but one not lived at all, he is forced to come to terms with his plight. He sets out to look for Sophie, the only person who can see him in the hope she can help him become visible. Instead, he discovers that Sophie is an empty shell of the person she once was and needs just as much saving as he does. The pair embark on a search for themselves, travelling across three continents, where their relationship is tested by fear, love, rejection and the desire to be seen for who they truly are.

Yael Maree has had the privilege of living in numerous countries before settling in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Mother to three, she loves reading, writing and learning about language and culture. Yael enjoys reading the classics and counts The Count of Monte Cristo and A Tale of Two Cities amongst her favourites. She reads across most genres and enjoys works by R.E Fiest, Gabriel García Márquez, Khaled Hosseini and Markus Zusak.