24th - 26th August 2018
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Catch-up: Big Book Club

ABC Radio Canberra has partnered with us and Libraries ACT to help you discover and celebrate a selection of local, national and international authors.

Each month on Afternoons, Laura will select and feature one novel for the Big Book Club. Laura will be joined by the author who penned the work, and you’re encouraged to read along and send in your review.

There will even be a chance for you to join our on air review panel at the end of the month to discuss, dissect, and above all else, enjoy a conversation about books, writing and authors.


Reading list

APRIL: Jack Heath's The Cut Out.
Catch up by downloading the audio as Jack kicked off the 2017 Big Book Club with Laura.

MAY: Kathy Lette's Best Laid Plans.
Catch up on May with Laura and Kathy's interview as they discuss how to tackle the taboo aspects of sex.

JUNE: Jane Harper's The Dry

Stay tuned for the reading list for coming months.


Join the Big Book Club's review panel

If you’d like to join our Big Book Club review panel and join Laura live on air at the end of the month to give your review of the featured title, email canberraafternoons@abc.net.au

If you'd like to submit your review, email canberraafternoons@abc.net.au

You can also submit your review via email, or call, or send an SMS during Afternoons with comments to add to our Big Book Club conversations.