25th - 27th August 2017
Power, Politics, Passion


Book Launches
at the National Library of Australia

As a part of the Canberra Writers Festival you can attend FREE Book Launches at the National Library of Australia.

No bookings are required.


Friday 25th August



Launch Description

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1pm Frances Isacc

Frances Isaac’s latest novel ISABEL I’ll walk with you again will be launched by Hon Gordon Ramsay MLA, the Minister for Arts and Community Events.

About ISABEL I'll walk with you again: Set in Queensland Australia between the years 1895 to 1910, ISABEL is a compelling tale of forbidden love, jealousy and bonds that shaped a woman’s life, much through emotion and the triumph of the human spirit. Even after her lover’s death, she is still not sure whether a life is possible with any other man, when the past returns with haunting thoughts.

Frances Isaac has been a fiction writer for over twenty-five years. She has worked as a journalist and freelance writer in Australia, and overseas including in England where she was a senior journalist in the Harrow observer in Middlesex.

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Saturday 26th August 



Launch Description

10am Helen Roe

Teen Girls Need To See Through Fake News

The internet and social media is saturated with inaccurate news, sensationalised stories, pristine paparazzi photos, instacelebs and high profile influencers. It is a hyper connected, seductive, media world we live in.

Our digital savvy teen generation teach us how to screen shot and swipe left. But we need to teach them to become their own fact finders first. Let's empower our youth to think creatively and critically about what we see, hear and read.

In this workshop you'll learn how to start this conversation, along with strategies and tools to empower our youth to confidently navigate their always on media world, make informed choices and embrace their own unique identity.

This workshop is for parents, carers, educators and teachers of teen girls. And teen girls themselves. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of the workshop.

Helen Roe is the author GirlTribes.

11am Merlinda Bobis

Accidents of Composition: Talk and Performance by Merlinda Bobis to celebrate her new poetry book to be launched by Her Excellency Philippine Ambassador Minda Calaguian-Cruz. Hosted by published poet Lizz Murphy. Travel across the world, history and an inner universe, and the little accidents along the way - perhaps of insight, beauty, even kindness.

12pm Catherine McCullagh

'Dancing with Deception' is a historical novel set primarily against the backdrop of occupied Paris during World War II. It is a story of deception, love, murder and betrayal that explores the issues of nuetrality, resistance and nobility in a time of war.

Catherine McCullagh completed a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) at the Australian National University in Canberra and taught English, History and languages at secondary and pre-tertiary level. She then embarked on a military career spending 20 years as an officer in the Australian Regular Army as a teacher and linguist. On leaving the Army she established herself as a freelance editor working primarily as a military history editor with the Australian Army History Unit. ‘Dancing with Deception’ is her first novel.

1pm One Woman Project  
2pm Ian Burnet

Where Australia Collides with Asia will be launched by Sally Burdon of the Asia Bookroom, followed by an in-conversation discussion and then a Q&A with the audience.

Ian Burnet has spent 30 years, living, working and travelling in Indonesia. His three books Spice Islands, East Indies and Archipelago show his fascination with the diverse history and cultures of the archipelago. In his latest book Where Australia Collides with Asia follows the epic voyages of natural history undertaken by Continent Australia, Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace and the Origin of On the Origin of Species.

3pm Stephanie Buckle

Finlay Lloyd take pleasure in publishing books that the big presses overlook, and Stephanie Buckle's collection if stories, Habits of Silence, is a wonderful example of a book that certainly deserves to belong in print. Their psuchological acuity, deceptive stylistic restraint, and powerful shifts of perspective, make these stories linger in the mind.

John Clanchy, eminent novelist and short story writer, and mentor to the author, will launch Habits of Silence during the Canberra Writers Festival, at the National Library at 3.00pm on Saturday 26 August.

4pm Karma  


Sunday 27th August



Launch Description

10am Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson lives in Sydney. He is a self-published author of nine books which have sold widely in ebook form in the USA and United Kingdom. Lizzie’s Tale, the second novel in the Old Balmain House series, is being launched at the Canberra Writers Festival in 2017.

Lizzie's Tale tells the story of a working glass teenage girl in the 1960s, who is determined to not give her baby up for adoption. A poignant tale of the struggle to survive in an unforgiving society.

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1pm Us Mob Writing Group  
2pm Eugene Schlusser

First-time author, Eugene Schlusser, traces the precarious journey of Natalie and Paul, his parents, through the potentially fatal events of the first half of the 20th Century. He gives an insight into how it felt to survive these ructions: by stealth, persistence, knowing your enemy, keeping the family safe, and above all secrecy.

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4pm   Schedule your book launch today!