24th - 26th August 2018
Power, Politics, Passion


Important Information

This page is packed full of the information you need to successfully attend and navigate the Canberra Writers Festival 2017.


How do I use my ticket?

Did you purchase a season pass? This is the information you need.

Did you purchase a day pass? The information you need is here.

Most attendees of the Canberra Writers Festival will have session tickets. When you head to your session, our volunteers will check your ticket (you've either printed it out at home, or received it from Ticketek directly), and let you into your session.


How do I get to the festival?

Depending on which session or event you'd like to attend will change how you get there.

There is public transport, taxis and Ubers available to each venue. There is also parking at most venues. We have a whole page about getting to the festival here!

If you know where you're going, we've included transport guidelines on the venue pages too:


Where can I get food and drink?

Each venue has it's own cafe, caterer, and some vending machines. Our volunteers will be able to point you in the right direction, just ask.