24th - 26th August 2018
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Jaclyn Moriarty

Jaclyn Moriarty grew up in Sydney's north-west and studied Law and English on three continents - at Sydney University in Australia, Yale in the US and Cambridge in England. She spent four years working as a media and entertainment lawyer and now writes full-time so that she can sleep in each day. She lives in Sydney again. 

She is the prize-winning, best-selling author of the Ashbury-Brookfield books (including Feeling Sorry for Celia and Finding Cassie Crazy) and the Colours of Madeleine trilogy (A Corner of White, The Cracks in the Kingdom and A Tangle of Gold).


Canberra Writers Festival events

The importance of Australian YA

Join Jaclyn Moriarty, Will Kostakis and Ellie Marney, three of the talented authors who are contributors to the Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOZYA Anthology, and continue to spearhead the conversation about the importance of Australian YA.

Sunday 27th August 2017, 12:30pm. Library Theatre, National Library of Australia.
Tickets: Adult $24.00; Concession $21.95; Junior $11.75


About the book

The dazzling conclusion to the award-winning The Colours of Madeleine trilogy, from one of the most original writers in YA fiction. 

The Kingdom of Cello is in crisis. Princess Ko's deception has been revealed and the Elite have taken control, placing the Princess, Samuel and Sergio under arrest and ordering their execution. Elliot is being held captive by the Hostiles and Colour storms are raging through the land. The Cello Wind has been silent for months. 

Plans are in place to bring the remaining Royals home from the World but then all communication between Cello and the World will cease. That means Madeleine will lose Elliot, forever. 

Madeleine and Elliot must solve the mystery of Cello before it is too late.

A Tangle of Gold is published by Scholastic.

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