24th - 26th August 2018
Power, Politics, Passion

Eugene Schlusser

Book Launch - Sunday 27 August, 2pm

Location: Ferguson Room, National Library of Australia

First-time author, Eugene Schlusser, traces the precarious journey of Natalie and Paul, his parents, through the potentially fatal events of the first half of the 20th Century. He gives an insight into how it felt to survive these ructions: by stealth, persistence, knowing your enemy, keeping the family safe, and above all secrecy.


About the author

Eugene Schlusser has written a series of film documentaries on diverse subjects but this is the first time he has written about his family. He draws on his Russian and German heritage, the memories of his three older siblings and photos and documents to explore ‘why the secrecy in the family?’. Born in 1939 in Frankfurt, Germany his family came to Australia in 1950. But why? He has been a filmmaker, drama teacher and occasional actor. He has two sons and three grandsons. He lives in Melbourne.


About the book

When a son begins to question his parents’ judgement and decisions after World War II, he is overwhelmed by what he finds. To survive dictators you need to keep secrets even if this means deliberately misinforming your family. Paul and Natalie keep their family safe by doing so. 

But should secrets be kept forever? Can secrets destroy as well as save this family? One secret greater than any other is uncovered only when the author begins to write his story. This is a powerful account of a son retrieving his past to safeguard the future.

Buy "Escape from the Sun-Surviving the Tyrannies of Lenin, Hitler and Stalin" from the National Library of Australia's bookshop during the festival.

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