24th - 26th August 2018
Power, Politics, Passion

Helen Roe

Teen Girls Need To See Through Fake News - Saturday 26 August, 10am

Location: Ferguson Room, National Library of Australia

The internet and social media is saturated with inaccurate news, sensationalised stories, pristine paparazzi photos, instacelebs and high profile influencers. It is a hyper connected, seductive, media world we live in.

Our digital savvy teen generation teach us how to screen shot and swipe left. But we need to teach them to become their own fact finders first. Let's empower our youth to think creatively and critically about what we see, hear and read.

In this workshop you'll learn how to start this conversation, along with strategies and tools to empower our youth to confidently navigate their always on media world, make informed choices and embrace their own unique identity.

This workshop is for parents, carers, educators and teachers of teen girls. And teen girls themselves. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of the workshop.

Helen Roe is the author GirlTribes.


About the author

Helen Roe is a leading authority on marketing with over 20 years’ experience managing global brands to market success. She helps women around the world grow their business through authentic connection and engagement. Also a certified life and business coach, Helen is passionate about empowering our youth, in particular teen girls, to think creatively and critically about media marketing, build strong personal values and feel confident in their choices. From Ireland, Helen now lives in Canberra with her husband, two daughters and their dog.


About the book

Do this, say that, eat this, look like that. Media marketing has something to say 24/7. GirlTribes is a teen girls go-to guide, to empower you to be a proactive thinker, to stay curious and challenge marketing messages. It’s your opportunity to find your voice, shape your own unique style and contribute to meaningful marketing through brands that make a difference.

This revealing, behind-the-scenes peek at media marketing will spark conversation and curiosity. It will help you make smarter decisions, strengthen your inner confidence and propel you towards greatness. 

From real-life examples, to personal shares from teen girls, including Canberra’s Lucy Sugerman, you don’t have to figure this out alone. GirlTribes has your back. Decoding marketing and media, this book is essential reading for all teen girls ready to make their mark in the world.

Buy the book "GirlTribes" at the National Library of Australia's bookshop during the festival.


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