24th - 26th August 2018
Power, Politics, Passion

Daniel Lloyd

Daniel is a Senior Producer with Screencraft Media. He has previously worked as a Screenwriting Teacher at the University of Canberra, in the development department at Vertigo Films in the UK and as a film critic.

A self-confessed story nerd, Daniel has spent thousands of hours studying mythology and deconstructing hundreds films and researching their story structure. After studying the story doctrines of such eminent theorists as Aristotle, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Sir James George Frazer, Vladimir Propp, Christopher Vogler, Robert McKee, Syd Field, William Goldman and many more, Daniel developed an expert understanding of the Monomyth. Applying this understanding to the films that he has deconstructed, he has expanded upon previous studies of the Hero’s Journey and he has discovered beats and elements common to many successful films and works of literature.

Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts from the Australian National University and is a member of both AWG and SPA.


Canberra Writers Festival workshop

Story Spine: The Power of the Hero's Journey

A 3-hour seminar for screenwriters, novelists, other writers and anyone who would like some simple tools to help them with structuring stories of any kind. The aim of the session is to provide a roadmap to guide writers through the processes of plotting their works.

Sunday 27th August 2017, 9:30am. Private Dining Room 1, Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.
Tickets: Adult $89.25; Concession $79.05; Duo (admits two) $168.25


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