24th - 26th August 2018
Power, Politics, Passion

Dinka Dekaris

Session details - Friday 25th August, 12pm

Location: Ferguson Room, National Library of Australia

Dinka Dekaris is launching her book "My Journey with Aladin" during the Canberra Writers Festival. The launch will include a reading of several passages from the book, a discussion on the book's origins and a Q&A with the audience. At the end of the launch, the author will be signing copies of the book in the foyer of the National Library of Australia.


About the author

I am a scientist and a lawyer with three separate University degrees in science, economics and law, as well as a Masters in environmental law. Professionally, I am driven by my passion for the environment and a desire to earn a decent income. Outside of work, I am an artist in the true sense of the word. I have been writing stories and poems since an early age, in both Croatian and English language. In 1991 my short story “The Line is Drawn” was published by my college. A few years later my poem “Why My Mother is the Best” won a prize at a Mother’s Day competition. I wrote my first book, “My Journey with Aladin”, at age 37 and my second book, “The Horses of Ra”, the year after that. Since then, I have published a number of books, most of them under a pseudonym. In addition to writing, I paint and I sculpt - I tend to switch between the three forms of art as inspiration strikes me. Writing is by far my most obsessive pursuit and the most rewarding thus far.

My intellectual and creative pursuits are balanced by long hikes with my dogs, trail rides with my horse… and daydreaming. Lots and lots of daydreaming.


About the book

"My Journey with Aladin" is a true story about a little girl, her torn family and an extraordinary horse that brought them closer together. The story begins with the death of the author’s father, years of domestic violence and finally, the move to a distant land, Australia. These huge, life-altering events are soon followed by yet more struggles, as the family unit falls apart and the trio of a mother and her two daughters forge an existence on their own. Though difficult, the tale is told with humour and without a trace of self-pity. Through a series of anecdotes, the author paints a picture of an emotionally scarred young woman in search of love. And so the scene is set. Enter Aladin, an Anglo-Arabian horse. From the moment he pranced into her life, the author’s story takes a new twist, leading her on a journey of discovery. A journey every woman must go through if she wishes to be free.

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