Special Event

One on One

Matthew Reilly In Conversation with Emma Alberici

Sunday 26 August 2018
1.00PM – 2.00PM
Llewellyn Hall

Exclusive to the Canberra Writers Festival, Matthew Reilly flies in and out of the country for one session only One on One in Canberra. Matthew’s story is one of extraordinary success selling over 7.5 million copies of his books based on self-belief, self-publishing and a passion for action and thrilling plots. His story is also one of great personal pain and the courage and strength required to move forward. Matthew talks with highly respected ABC journalist and television presenter, Emma Alberici.

Matthew Reilly is the New York Times and #1 international bestselling author and has sold over 7.5 million copies of his novels worldwide. His books are published in more than 20 languages in 20 countries Following rejections from all the major publishers, Matthew famously self-published Contest in 1996, printing 1,000 copies which he sold into bookshops throughout Sydney, one shop at a time. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Emma Alberici is the ABC’s Chief Economics Correspondent and one of Australia's most highly regarded journalists. Emma moved to the ABC in 2002 to present Business Breakfast. Since then she has been the 7.30 Report's Finance Editor and a senior reporter for radio current affairs' AM PM and The World Today. In 2008, the opportunity was offered to relocate to the UK where Emma spent four years as the Europe Correspondent for the ABC. With three children under 3, Emma became the first Australian mother to be a foreign correspondent - something she is thrilled is not remarkable anymore.