On Quiet

Nikki Gemmell In Conversation with Mark Kenny

Sunday 26 August 2018
1.00PM – 2.00PM
National Library of Australia

In a world gone noisily mad on digital overdrive and non-stop chatter, Nikki Gemmell writes beautifully and evocatively of her quest for a quiet space. On Quiet is a yearning for an earlier time, the pre-digital experience, of long days with little to do and of quieter times and what that brews. In conversation with senior Press Gallery journalist Mark Kenny.

Nikki  Gemmell is the best-selling author of thirteen novels and four works of non-fiction. Her books have been translated into 22 languages. Her distinctive writing has gained her critical acclaim in France, where she’s been described as a “female  Jack Kerouac“. The French literary magazine Lirehas included her in a list of what it called the fifty most important writers in the world – those it believes will have a significant influence on the literature of the 21st century. Gemmell pens a weekly column for  The Australian  newspaper. She also writes novels for children. Four books by Gemmell,  Shiver,  Cleave,  The Bride Stripped Bare  and  The Book of Rapture, made the longlist of “Favourite Australian Novels” as chosen by readers of the  Australian Book Review. 

Mark Kenny is the national affairs editor for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. He has formerly worked for ABC and the Advertiser as the national political editor. He is a director of the National Press Club, and regular on the ABC’s Insiders program.