True North

Roger Rooney In Conversation with Karen Hardy

Sunday 26 August 2018
1.00PM – 2.00PM
Peninsula Room
National Museum of Australia

A Vietnam War story set in 1962 that goes beyond the political. Partly based on true stories, Australian Army Lieutenant Jack Burns is deployed as part of 'The Team' to the Mekong Delta, where he is about to undergo the ultimate test of his conviction. In a war without frontlines, soldiers must fight enemies foreign and domestic if they are to survive the most dangerous place in the world - South Vietnam. Join Roger In Conversation with The Canberra Times reporter Karen Hardy for this highly researched military story.

Roger Rooney is a Canberra-based author who has performed 22 years of public service with all levels of government, having worked as a Senior Researcher with the Australian Government’s Refugee Review Tribunal, where he sat on the China and South-East Asia desks. True North was developed over four years, with Roger getting up at 5 am in winter to write 250 words per day, and with award winning author and historian Robert Macklin providing strategic advice throughout the writing of this his first book. He has visited Vietnam five times and fell in love with the country and the people in 2010 when he toured with this wife and two young daughters. A Richmond Tigers tragic, he is enjoying watching his beloved AFL team go back-to-back in 2018.

Karen Hardy is a journalist with The Canberra Times, writing and mothering with intent!