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Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing

Prof Gillian Triggs, Jane Gilmore, Sally Rugg and David Leser moderated by Jane O’Dwyer

Saturday 24 August 2019
3.30PM – 4.30PM
University House, Common Room
The Australian National University

Why is #MeToo playing out so differently on our shores? In the US, the wave of women speaking out about sexual harassment and assault has kick-started the downfall of more than two hundred powerful public figures. How has history brought us to the #MeToo movement? Where did we go wrong and how do we navigate our relationships? Join Gillian Triggs (Speaking Up), Jane Gilmore (Fixed It), Sally Rugg (How Powerful We Are) and David Leser (Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing), with ANU’s Jane O’Dwyer moderating on where to from here.