Ice Dreaming

Moderator: Kaya Wilson • Dennis Glover and Jonathan Lineen

4.30 PM – 5.30 PM
Kambri Cultural Centre (ANU)

'Scott's lost expedition was still here, she thought – frozen, preserved, waiting to be rescued from the thaw. The truth lay beneath the surface, and she was going to bring it up.'

A bewitching new novel is set amid the Antarctic frost. What is it about this cold desert world that calls to us so insistently? What secrets – cultural, scientific and existential – lie beneath the ice?


DENNIS GLOVER was educated at Monash and Cambridge universities and he has made a career as one of Australia's leading speechwriters and political commentators. His first novel, The Last Man in Europe, was published around the world in multiple editions and was nominated for several literary prizes, including the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction. His second novel, Factory 19, was published in 2020 and his newest novel, Thaw, is out in August.


DR JONO LINEEN is one of the lead curators in the development of the National Antarctic Heritage Collection at the National Museum of Australia and a bestselling author. His books include River Trilogy, Into the Heart of the Himalayas, Perfect Motion and Searching for Breath. He was the first person to complete the 2700-kilometre trek from Pakistan to Nepal along the length of the Western Himalayas. His current research explores humanity’s multi-million-year-old relationship between storytelling, creativity and walking.


KAYA WILSON is a writer and tsunami scientist who somehow finds himself in Canberra. His first book As Beautiful as Any Other was shortlisted for the ACT book of the year and listed by the Guardian as one of the 25 best books of 2021.