The Quiet Power Of Attention

Maggie MacKellar In Conversation With Anna Vidot

4.30 PM – 5.30 PM
Kambri Cultural Centre (ANU)

“What I’ve learnt, or rather what I’m learning is that to be received in a place I must be alert, open. And I must be quiet.” 

In her exquisite new memoir, Graft, Maggie MacKellar describes a year on a Merino wool farm on the east coast of Tasmania, and all of life – and death – that surrounds her through the cycle of lambing seasons. It’s a hymn to the quiet power of paying attention and the merciless beauty of the natural world.

An intimate one-on-one conversation about writing the wild, and finding it in ourselves.

Presented in conjunction with ABC Canberra


MAGGIE MACKELLAR was born in 1973. She has published two books on the history of settlement in Australia and Canada and two memoirs, When It Rains and How To Get There. She now lives on the east coast of Tasmania with her partner and two children.


ANNA VIDOT has been the host of ABC Canberra Drive since 2018. Before that, she spent a decade as a rural reporter for the ABC in NSW, Tasmania and Parliament House.